Ass Backwards link building

Ass Backwards Link Building

After well over fifteen years in this search engine optimisation business, I can quite honestly say that this industry is crazy. Despite Google’s best efforts, street level SEO is still such a backwater industry, that I often find myself ashamed to call myself an SEO. It’s little wonder that SEOMoz …

how to target local customers

How to Target Local Customers

A common question we get asked at Bowler Hat is how does a given business target local customers on search engines. This is seemingly a simple question but the answer really depends on the situation and before we can answer that we must first understand your situation and the local …

questions are no1 for content marketing

Questions Are The Number 1 Tip For Your Content Strategy

Questions are a staple ingredient of effective content. Whether you’re answering customers’ questions or asking questions of your industry, they are the key to success. Blog posts, ebook, infographics, podcasts and promotional videos. All about questions.

Your target audience and your loyal customers all have pain points. They have