80 Types of Content That Will Inspire Your Creativity and Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is so much more than writing blogs. Controversial, I know.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging has many advantages and can be a useful content marketing strategy, but there are so many more types of content that you can utilise to help you achieve your goals too.

Valuable, relevant, high-quality content can take many forms to inspire action in your customers. Content satisfies the senses, it broadens the mind, makes people listen, think, and take notice of your brand. It’s anything that engages your audience, that helps you tell your brand’s compelling story, that solves customer’s problems in inventive and intuitive ways. Content entertains, inspires, convinces, educates, and ultimately, helps you smash your goals.

Content can take many entities, each of which will be different for each brand, so you need to think about the ways these content types fit into your campaigns and how these ideas can play into your overall strategy. Try some of these 80 types of content to inspire your creativity and supercharge your content strategy.

1. Blog

2. Video

3. Infographic

4. Ebook

5. Presentation

6. Slideshow

7. Photo

8. Meme

9. Illustration

10. Cartoon

11. Poster

12. Chart

13. Graph

14. Diagram

15. Webinar

16. Web Series

17. Podcast

18. Radio Show

19. User-Generated Content

20. App

21. Tool

22. Quiz

23. Event

24. Print Publication

25. Online Magazine

26. Print Magazine

27. Online Course

28. Offline Course

29. Q&A

30. Conference

31. Forum

32. Case Study

33. Opinion Piece

34. Social Media Card

35. How To

36. Listicle

37. Newsletter

38. White Paper

39. Live Stream

40. Quote

41. Interview

42. Review

43. Guest Post

44. News

45. Link Roundup

46. Story

47. Guide

48. Template

49. Resource

50. PDF Download

51. GIF

52. Email

53. Survey

54. Poll

55. Brochure

56. Flyer

57. Workshop

58. Game

59. Advert

60. Promoted Post

61. Report

62. Giveaway

63. Competition

64. Original Research

65. Live Chat

66. Social Media Post

67. AR

68. VR

69. Vlog

70. Book

71. Music

72. Poetry

73. Short Film

74. Datejacking

75. Interactive Image

76. Press Release

77. Audio Book

78. Fact Sheet

79. Testimonial

80. Repurpose into another content type.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you some broader and more creative ideas of content to motivate your audience to take action. Think about what your audience would find most engaging, combine multiple formats, and play around with different types to find what works best.

Don’t limit yourself to blogging. Content comes in many forms and guises, so it may be time to rethink the types of content and how they can inspire your creativity and supercharge your marketing strategy. If you’re looking for tools on helping you with your social marketing, check out our post.

What types of content are you using in your strategy? Let us know in the comments below.


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