How To Redirect One Page Of A Website To A New Domain

I recently came across an issue where one of our clients wanted to redirect only one page of their website to a different domain. This type of redirect did seem to be under-documented on the internet because as hard as I looked (about 2 minutes), I couldn’t find a semi-recent blog post for this specific issue.

So I thought that when I find out what the solution is, I’m going to write it myself, so here it is.

This one should be done in the .htaccess file of a website. For non-technical people, I highly recommend copying what’s already in the file to a notepad++ document, as a mistake could lead to the website going blank, which is obviously quite serious. If you do happen to make a mistake you can paste the original back in. If for some reason that doesn’t work or you are afraid that it won’t work, then you may want to invest in a daily backup of your website.

The example below would be used for the imaginary pages:

which will redirect to




Go into .htaccess file of the current website, and add this underneath “RewriteEngine On” so it contains something like this (obviously change this to what you need):

RewriteRule ^redirecting-page/$ [R=301]

Notice how isn’t included, as you only need the path of the page, nothing else.


Also remember to include the whole URL for the target website including http:// and trailing slashes.

Another thing to remember is that if the redirecting page ends in .html you will need to replace the . with a backslash.


So if the page was,

in the Rewrite Rule it will look like ^redirectingpage\.html$


I hope you are now able to redirect one page of your website to a new domain.

If you need help improving your website performance, feel free to get in touch.



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