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Yet again we have another social media update on our hands. This time it is Twitter, and they are slowly rolling out the new profile layout which looks oddly familiar, don’t you think? I think we can all agree is it is very similar to Facebook, but I actually like this new layout. As you can see, it is all about the images, with both the profile image & the banner increasing in size, but this does bring one problem! Does anyone know the correct size for the banner or the profile image? Anyone? No? I guess I’ll have to tell you.

Were you ever the kid to be picked last for the football team, well I never was but now I know how it feels. It seems that Twitter feels sorry for my twin brother Zac Efron and have given him the new twitter profile layout before me, must be because I’m the better looking one.


Everything is now much bigger, the profile image, the banner, the tweets… it’s all big! So let’s make the most of it, grab yourself some high-quality images and let’s get started.

Banner & Profile Image Size


Banner Image: 1500 x 500px

Profile Image: 400 x 400px




The key to having a great banner or profile image is quality, especially as they will appear much bigger on the new twitter layout. So once you have got your two high-quality images, you may need to crop and resize the images to fit the dimensions shown above.

One advantage of the new update is the position of the personal message. It used to sit on the banner, below the profile image but has now been relocated on a plain white background beneath the profile image. The problem with the old layout was the personal message was in white text, so on certain banner images, it would not show as clear as it would on plain coloured images. Now we can happily upload wacky banner images without having to worry about our person message being unreadable. I have also heard rumours about another small tweak Twitter have made, you can now put links into your personal message. On the previous layout, you was only permitted one link to either a website or another social profile, and this would sit underneath your personal message.

As Twitter have not yet officially released any guidelines for both the profile image or the banner, I can not confirm that these dimensions will give you a perfect fit, but I do believe that they are 99% correct. Hope this helps!


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Or if you are having problems with the quality of your header image find out why that is HERE.


2 Responses

  1. Do you know what the dimensions are as far as the overlap goes? But that I mean, how far over the bottom of the cover does the profile pic overlap? And how far from the right does the profile image sit? It seems it would be easy to design a great header in the same way you can for Facebook pages. But I haven’t found anything that indicates how far the overlap extends and how far from the right the picture is. I don’t have photoshop or anything to be able to use. I use Fotoflexer to design images but it’s not always reliable for taking measurements.

    1. Hey John, Unfortunately I was only granted the new page layout this morning so I haven’t had chance to mess around with it. But I do feel your pain, many people have been complaining about the banner sizes. Lucky for you I have been able to very quickly mock one up using your current banner & it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll send it over in an email

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