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Why Not To Use Yell Advertising

Now I’m not usually one to shout out and cause issues regarding the service of another business. But what I can’t allow to happen is small businesses being robbed of their hard earned cash while trying to make a better living for themselves, by a company that just doesn’t care. They simply want your money.

Yell.com offer a range of marketing related services to small / medium sized businesses. Here is a little breakdown just so you understand:

Google Ads/Adwords – These are the ads you see at the top of Google search results. They can work wonders for small businesses and most marketing agencies will offer a PPC service, so you don’t have to get Yell to manage it.

Yell sponsored listings These are listings that show at the top of Yell search results. They let the free listings sit and the bottom while all of the sponsored listings sit and the top. They can work ok, but they tend to be very expensive.

Website design – We have taken on one or two new customers in the past who have had sites built with Yell. Their feedback suggested that they always wanted money to make changes and that the platform to manage the website was not very good.


True Story

We have recently taken on a new client who is an owner of a small roofing company in Birmingham. This business had been using Yell for their online advertising for a total of £600 per month on a 12-month contract.

What Yell doesn’t explain to you as a customer, is how they divvy up that £600:

£500 – Yell sponsored listing & Google Adwords (PPC) management
£100 – Google Adwords budget

So for any of you’s that have never done PPC before, a £100 monthly budget is simply not enough. Not only that, but Yell had also set it up so the ads would show for all sorts of irrelevant searches. Here are some examples

“Roofer training courses”
“Roofing jobs“
“Roofer got shot in the corner shop”
“Roofer should not have chosen Yell”

When you have a £100 a month budget (£3 a day) and some clicks are costing up to £2.10, your daily budget could very quickly vanish in one or two wasted clicks by people searching for jobs, training courses or anything else that is completely irrelevant.
All in all, it was awfully setup and truly wasted the money of the business owner. So what did Yell say when he called up to complain that he wasn’t getting enough calls…’Give us more money’.


The Figures

Six months with Yell:

Over the final six months of his time with Yell, their marketing had generated millions of impressions, just over 1000 clicks and around 30 phone calls (around one per week).

£600 x 6 months = £3600
£3600 ÷ 30 (calls) = 120
£120 for each phone call

One month with Bowler Hat:

We took the client on for a £100 management fee and started from scratch with the campaign. Within an hour or two, his campaign was up and running (correctly this time) and below are the results from his first month with us.

£100 management fee + £132 spent in Adwords = £232
£232 ÷ 23 enquiries = 10
£10 per enquiry

So as you can see, one month at Bowler Hat has generated nearly just as many enquiries as Yell did in 6 months. And all for £3368 less. We have continued to optimise the account and the client is now spending around £6 per enquiry, £114 less than what it cost with Yell.


Our Simple Solution

Well, I don’t think you’ll need me to tell you after the above, but simply ditch Yell.com. It’s still good to be listed on their free directory, but don’t bother paying for the sponsored listing or for Adwords. Then with the £600 that Yell usually charge, have a think about how you should best spend it. Here are some ideas:

Spend £300 on an AdWords campaign and save £300
Spend £600 on an AdWords campaign and really go at it
Spend £300 with an agency for SEO & PPC and put £300 into AdWords clicks

I have an obvious bias towards #3, as a marketing agency can help you set-up and manage your AdWords PPC professionally to get the best results. They can then also look at organic SEO, local SEO, conversion optimisation, and reputation signals like reviews to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your spend.

#3 really is the perfect combination for a small business. Not only will your ads show at the top of Google, but your agency can then gradually work on your SEO. With the goal that you will be dominating the search results in 3-6 months.


Half Your Spend, Double Your Results

There is another option. Here at Bowler Hat, we offer a range of small business packages for PPC, SEO, Social Media and Web Design. Our PPC management starts from £100 per month and our small business SEO packages start from £150 per month.

Ultimately, we hate to see small businesses being stung by companies like Yell. Trying to find affordable and quality marketing for a small business can be extremely difficult, but that’s where we like to help.

If you currently use Yell to manage your advertising or are considering using them in the future, feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to give you some advice and see how we can reduce your costs and improve your results.

Ryan Scollon

Ryan is our SEO & PPC Consultant. He’s a team leader and wants to lead the team to greatness, but will more likely have to settle for slightly-above-average-ness. He’s a Google Partner, which means he understands Google more than he even knows himself. Ryan also has his own SEO & Marketing blog, free to check it out.

  • Laura
    Posted at 23:18h, 19 August Reply

    I agree with everything in this post… except this is the internet, and I have to find one thing to moan about 😉

    A Google Partner is a company that has over $10k in ad word billings over 90 days – that doesn’t mean that a smaller agency (or startup) lacks the certification and wouldn’t do just as well as the big boys. You might even find they work harder as they’ve got more to prove.

    • Ryan Scollon
      Posted at 08:20h, 23 August Reply

      Yep, totally agree! The certification simply helps that little extra to make sure you are choosing someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Michael
    Posted at 17:20h, 23 August Reply

    Yell are Googles longest standing Premier Partner in the UK, your statement to not use Yell and use a Google partner now becomes redundant. What information do you have to back up claims of what keywords Yell use to bring in business for people?

    • Ryan Scollon
      Posted at 08:15h, 24 August Reply

      Hey Micheal,

      The proof is in the pudding. Many people come away unhappy with their experience with Yell, but most of them blame AdWords instead of Yell. Adwords is a super powerful tool if used well. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses don’t feel the same way. If you have a look around, there are tonnes of articles and threads of people who are unhappy with the service they have received from Yell.

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