WordPress Updated to Version 3.3.2

There is a new security update out for WordPress now taking it up to version 3.3.2. This is a security update and you can get more details over at wordpress.org.


Upload Vulnerabilities


It’s mostly small things and some updates to external systems that WordPress does not use anymore but that may be in use by plugins etc but if you have ever had a site compromised, then you will know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so it’s certainly worth getting this update applied ASAP.


Back Up!

Hopefully, you have a solid backup strategy in place but just in case not (tut tut), remember, to be on the safe side and back up your files and database before applying any update and as ever, if you need any help getting this done, give me a shout!.


Catch me on Twitter or drop a comment below if I can help and if you have any friends, neighbours or countrymen using WordPress share this to give them a kick up the behind to get updated.



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