Outside-In Thinking & Why You Need A Marketing Agency

At some point or another, a business will question whether they need to bring in an external agency to help with their marketing. Typically, the business will have a marketing manager and the owner may even have had a hand in the marketing to a point. However, there will reach a point where the question of an external agency comes up.

The reasons are generally pretty obvious in that the owner now has less time and needs way more business than he could traditionally generate, and the marketing manager is unlikely to be skilled in all areas of marketing – digital or otherwise.


What Does An Agency Provide?

SEO? PPC? Social media? Content marketing? Some other tactical expertise? Stunning creative? Is that the secret sauce?

Nope. The magic here comes from something as simple as ignorance. The agency is not wrapped up in your day-to-day thinking. The agency is not tied into the jargon and internal belief structure of the company. In simple terms, the agency is outside looking in and can question the way you position your business to the outside world.

The agency provides that critical objectivity that comes from the mind of an outsider – from the mind of a prospect. The natural position of the agency is outside-in thinking rather than the inside-out thinking delivered by the owner, CMO or marketing managers.

Objectivity is the #1 key ingredient delivered by your marketing agency that can flow through your advertising, marketing communications, and PR. Objectivity driven by a complete lack of inside-out thinking. Which is exactly what you need!

Oh, and sure, some of them are tactically astute in these modern weapons of the marketing war, so they can also deliver your outside-in message to the outside world!


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