How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

So you’ve got two Facebook pages? Maybe you’ve merged two businesses, a colleague or employee created a second page unknowingly, you thought you needed two – regardless of how you’ve ended up with two you only need one.

First off make sure you’re an admin of both pages so you know what you’re attempting is possible, then read my step-by-step guide below!

What you need to do.


The option to merge two pages is not available for just any two pages, first, your page has to meet Facebook’s criteria. Please note that not all of these are set in stone or ‘must do’s’, but if you meet each one of these points the more likely your page will be merged;

– Represent the same thing or company
– Have similar names (e.g. Pete’s Plumbing Services / Pete’s Plumbing)
– If the pages have physical locations, make sure they are the same


How to do it.


Step One: Go to

Go to


Step Two:

From the first drop-down menu select the page you wish to keep. From the second drop-down select the page you wish to merge. The click ‘Merge Pages‘.


merge two facebook pages


Don’t have the option to merge?

Unfortunately, not all pages are eligible to be merged, however, you may see an option to request to have your pages merged. Your request will then be processed and reviewed by Facebook – if they deem the request to follow their criteria they will accept and your pages will be merged.

If the option doesn’t appear for your pages to be merged or for you to request them to be merged, try changing the information on either one or both of your pages above (I recommend the one you’re not going to keep so the information on your current page will stay correct) so that they are as similar as possible.




If you do have any questions regarding your Facebook page or something you need help with, feel free to leave it in the comments below!



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