Google Places Pending Review?

If your listing is marked as pending with a little yellow symbol next to it then it generally means that the Google Places system has flagged your listing for a manual review. You don’t need to do anything and with time, given that there is nothing naughty or misleading about your listing, it will be reviewed and made live in time (4 to 8 weeks being the norm).


Why does your listing need a review?


Well, there are a bunch of things and no concrete list (it’s Google, after all, they never really play their hand) but generally, it means that there is a certain term or other behaviour related to the listing and that the system has picked up on this.


What if you need the listing up straight away?


You can generally get around this problem by stripping out any additional services you have added and taking the listing back to basics. So, strip everything out, use one of the suggested categories and you should be able to submit this to see it instantly accepted.
Figure out what is causing the problem?

In all likelihood, most of what you removed is fine, so to find out what the problem may have been you can start adding things back in and see what you can get away with. One listing I fixed recently had several services listed and by stripping them all away we got the advert accepted. We then were able to add back in the main three services all with no problems at all.

If we were so inclined, you could spend some more time on this and determine what the specific problem was and only eliminate that one element (or a combination of elements).


Got any questions? Need help with your listing?


If you have any questions about Google places, SEO or Internet Marketing in general, give me a shout on twitter @marcusbowlerhat or email me at: [email protected]



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