Examples of Content Marketing Awesomeness!

Hey folks, right, after yesterday’s look at reasons to use Content Marketing as rocket fuel for your SEO efforts and for establishing stability in an ever perilous search marketing landscape I wanted to provide a few examples of sites that have used content, and a bunch of SEO smarts to take their marketing and businesses to the next level.

So, without any further waffling on my part, let’s take a look at some of the biggest and the best in the Content Marketing game.


1. SEOMoz

Can’t really do this without mentioning the Moz. Most probably the biggest SEO tools company out there and certainly one of the most well known and trusted SEO consulting companies before they recently decided to concentrate on the software side of things. SEOMoz put something useful on their blog EVERY SINGLE DAY and there are stories of Randfish sat up at 3 am making sure he got something on the blog for the next day.

Well, it kind of paid off, they started off with nothing and ended up consulting to the likes of Disney at $1000 an hour and now concentrate on building a suite of SEO tools but they continue to use high-quality content like their SEO ranking factors and even user generated content from the YouMoz blog to keep raising their profile and keep people coming back for more.


2. Unbounce

Unbounce provides a user-friendly, affordable tool for publishing your own landing pages with any kind of IT, web design or software allowing users to really improve their conversion rate for inbound marketing, PPC etc. Really cool tool for DIY internet marketers and pros alike yet before they published the Noobs Guide to Internet Marketing as a guest post on SEOMoz last year I had never heard of them and I would bet that many others hadn’t either.

That post sent ripples through the search community and social media that can still be felt now and there can’t be a single search or social company or consultant (worth their salt) that has not heard of Unbounce now.

This was a best in class example of content marketing for raising awareness and a very cool sprinkling of SEO magic as the main infographic could be linked back to the Unbounce site.

Quite simply, through an amazing, valuable, high-quality piece of content Unbounce have made themselves impossible to miss in the search marketing landscape and if I think landing pages now, I can’t help thinking of Unbounce – win!


3. Marks Daily Apple

The search and social people get Content Marketing so I wanted to provide one example that is a bit left of centre and this one is great, it’s a health, diet and exercise blog and the content is amazing, the guy clearly knows his stuff and hence his visibility within the cutting edge health space is unrivalled. As an example of how his blog works, I found him on the back of some random searches. Then, he kept on popping up in my web searches (visibility) so slowly, I began to see him as an authority in this field and before long I was  going to his blog every day and eventually, I have ended up buying two of his books (the conversion) and some of his supplements from the business this site indirectly promotes.

What is more important is that Mark is now totally established in my mind as a thought leader and expert in his field. If I have a health related query the first thing I do is search his blog. Ultimately, you want the same thing, possibly on a smaller scale, possibly bigger, but to slowly become impossible to avoid in search by having authoritative answers to all questions and to eventually become the first place that people look for questions related to your industry.


Get it?


Content can work wonders: it provides scope to advertise your other products and services on the pages, it raises your credibility, it puts out a wider net and it gives people a reason to link to you and to come back to your site and it also provides a safe foundation for your SEO and Internet Marketing.

With Google’s determination to put great content ahead of great SEO from a ranking perspective, you really have no choice: get in the content marketing game or get run over by your competitors that do. If you want to really take it to the next level, combine great content with great SEO to get yourself found and then make yourself irresistible to your target audience allowing you to take your pick of the opportunities this brings your way.


Content + SEO = Need Help?


Well, it’s one thing knowing the path, but a whole other one walking it so if you need any help with SEO, blogging platforms or just getting a roadmap in place for your content then give me a shout or hit me up on Twitter and we can get you started.




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