Demographic Bidding Being Removed from Google Adwords

A report over at Search Engine Land details that on 21st of March Google will be removing Demographic bidding from Adwords to make way for ‘new features’. This was never a huge or powerful feature that could be applied across adverts on the search engine itself but instead only gave you access to demographics data such as gender, age etc on the extended display network of non-google owned sites.


Demographic bidding being replaced with… Demographic Bidding+


Facebook kind of kicks Google’s butt when it comes to demographic ad positioning so whilst Google won’t be drawn on exactly what is going to replace demographic bidding the smart money would be on some advanced form of demographic bidding based on their own demographic data.


Gmail, Google Profiles & Google+


Google has been making a determined effort to grab hold of demographic data via it’s shiny new social network and whilst Google+ has not really made a dent in Facebook’s prevalence it is certainly here to stay.


What to make of this


Well, hopefully, if you are a PPC advertiser, then we should start to see some more advanced demographic targeting options in Adwords which can only be a good thing (strangely, this gets me a bit excited, but I’m a little odd like that).


As soon as I know more I will have a play and put a little tutorial together so you can make the most of these new options. Follow me on Twitter and ill be sure to let you know when I put something together and if you need someone to help you start winning with PPC give me a shout.

Over and Out!


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