Luvdup Case Study

Strategy & Social Media Marketing

The Backstory

LuvDup is a new dating app created for couples that aims to put the fun and privacy back into communicating with your partner.


  • Awareness: The target audience is not aware of couples apps
  • Engagement: Need to engage and educate the audience as to the benefits of the app
  • Need both partners to install the app
  • Need both partners to use the app

Our Solution

Promoting something new is always more complicated as you must first raise awareness with the target audience. In this case, the challenge is doubled, as both partners must buy into the app, install it, and then actively use the app over time.

To tackle this, we have devised a digital marketing strategy based on the SOSTAC framework that tackles the need to make a user aware of the app, to get the app installed, and then to encourage usage over an extended time period.

  • Worked with client to develop a quiz for both partners for lead generation
  • Promotion of quiz via demographically targeted social media campaigns
  • Established clear demographics and KPIs to track success
  • Creation of advertising campaign across Facebook & Twitter, targeting six distinct demographics to promote the quiz
  • Ad campaign to encourage quiz users to install the LuvDup app
  • Email campaign to educate and encourage quiz users to install the LuvDup app
  • Ad campaign to educate and encourage users to use the LuvDup app
  • Email campaign to educate and encourage users to use the LuvDup app


This strategy covers all the angles from raising awareness via the quiz and adverts, educating users as to what LuvDup is (email and ads), and finally, encouraging continued usage of the app (email and ads). In the fast-paced world of apps, it is not enough to just show adverts.

We must raise awareness, convince users to install our app and then to use the app over time. This strategy targets all of these key areas to give the best possible chance of succeeding in this crowded and competitive marketplace.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it!

Bowler Hat have been a pleasure to work with on the strategy for our app launch. From day one they have provided fast response and clear communication throughout the process to ensure that the campaign is delivered efficiently. From outlining the strategy to producing all of the creative, managing KPIs, and resolving issues, they have been professional and incredibly knowledgeable every step of the way.

Bowler Hat’s ad campaign has given us the best possible chance of succeeding in this highly competitive marketplace, and we can’t wait for the launch and to see the results. We look forward to working with them on future campaigns and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Andy Litton – LuvDup App

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Identified 6 Key Demographics

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Created All Copy and Creative

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Campaign Launching in Q1 2017

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