Adwords Adverts Under Review for more than 3 Days

If you are frequently tinkering and testing your adverts and campaigns you may come across ads or entire ad groups that get seemingly stuck in the ‘under review’ status.

The Google Adwords interface will tell you that the Adwords ads are pending review but in reality, this should not take more than a day or so at most (and not the three quoted) and what may have happened here is that the ads have (and I quote AdWords support) ‘fell under the radar’.


Pending Ads Under Review?


The Adwords interface will send you around in circles without any easy way to contact them or get this resolved but, should you dig deep enough, there is a customer service phone number and my experience with this has been pretty solid with quick results.


Google Adwords Customer Support Numbers


Before you call up you will need your customer ID number.


This is the three part number shown at the top of all AdWords screens:
Customer ID: xxx-xxx-xxxx


If you are in the UK then you can call this number:
0800 169 0409


If you are outside of the UK there is a big list here:


The customer is always right!

If you have waited more than three days, call the number, you will need your Adwords customer ID along with your own personal details. If it has not been three days but you are in a rush, call them up anyway, I have found them to be pretty accommodating in the past when I have needed something urgent approved and the approval


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