Website Planning Guide for Start Ups and Small Businesses


Everything You Need to Consider When Planning a Website

Website Planning Guide


Everything You Need to Consider When Starting Your Own Website



Welcome to the Bowler Hat Website Planning Guide. This guide sets out everything you need to consider when planning a website for a startup or small business.


We look at domain names, web hosting, website content, the various options available for buying or creating your site, and finally, the all-important task of marketing your site and getting noticed in the search engines.


This is not a technical guide and our aim is not to bamboozle you with jargon. Rather the intention is to provide an overview of the knowledge that will ensure you can put a website plan together. Additionally, by arming yourself with the facts, you can avoid the attention of any unscrupulous cowboy web design companies (of which there are many).


This is an intentionally short, non-technical guide which you can read cover to cover within an hour. Our goal is simply to arm you with the knowledge of how to plan a website to achieve your business goals. If we can help in any way then please get in touch. Alternatively, if you are looking for an agency who specialises in small business web design then give us a shout!

Website Guide

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The document breaks down into the following sections:

Domain Names

A domain name is the entry point to your website. You simply can’t have a professional-looking website without a domain name of your own. It is worth taking some time to choose a memorable domain that represents your business ethos and correctly considers the technical implications of a domain extension. In this chapter, we will explain how domain names work so you can make an educated decision.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service that allows you to make your website visible online. It’s vital to have a hosting environment that ensures you stay online, avoids poor site performance and supports customer journeys.This chapter outlines why you need hosting, how to choose the right hosting, and the steps to hosting your site. Whatever hosting you choose, it has to support the requirements of your website and business.


Content will help your site attract potential customers, allow prospects to compare your offering against your competitors, compel customers to interact with your site and make a transaction, and build relationships with those customers to make multiple transactions and become loyal followers of your brand. This chapter will help you determine what content is needed on your site to drive customers and prospects to take action.

Design & Development

When building your website you may think you need a huge workforce, deep pockets, and a team of highly paid technical professionals. However, there is now a variety of options available to build your website, run your own site and manage your own content, all without six-figure development costs. This section will look at the different approaches available, the different types of web design companies, and some of the pitfalls you should avoid.


You have a perfect domain name, a solid website host, well-crafted content and a stunning feature-rich website. Just one problem: no one is visiting. A website is not like some magical force that attracts customers, and for it to be successful your site needs visitors. This chapter will detail the various ways you can attract visitors to your website and what to do when you have got them there.

Website Guide

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