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Marketing your business on social media and search engines is tough. Tactics like newsjacking can help but are hugely unpredictable and require a truly dynamic and creative approach that is just not a good fit for most small businesses. 


There is another way: DateJacking. Rather than injecting your ideas into a popular news story you create content that taps into the interest in a given date. Christmas. Easter. The release of a new Star Wars Movie. Much like how a supermarket shifts from Halloween to Christmas you build your content marketing efforts around key dates to help gain attention for your content and social media marketing efforts.


From one-off events like the release of a big movie to the myriad of internet holidays like talk like a pirate day, there is something going on every single week that you can attach your content marketing efforts to and amplify your results.


Datejacking improves on newsjacking in every way. It is predictable, scalable and most of all simple. So what are you waiting for? A popular date is coming up – read on to find out how to supercharge your content marketing efforts.

The document breaks down into the following sections:

Datejacking Guide

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The document breaks down into the following sections:

Jacking the News

Newsjacking is content which is highly responsive to major coverage and aligned with your business objectives. Whilst newsjacking is powerful, it requires a dynamic content marketing team and many businesses are simply not agile enough to jump on the hot topic of the day. This chapter introduces the concept of newsjacking and how it has influenced datejacking.

Enter Datejacking

This chapter details why datejacking has all of the benefits of newsjacking plus so much more. Datejacking unleashes the power of newsjacking but in a far more predictable manner by aligning content with events and dates. Preparedness is often the key to success, and with datejacking you have weeks, months, or even years to plan your content marketing campaigns, which means better, bigger content with greater distribution prospects, and improved results.

Why Datejacking?

Datejacking allows you to tap into an explosion of sharing and interaction around a given date and give your content a way to stand out and gain traction. The many benefits of datejacking include increased brand awareness, improved SEO, enhanced social media, more leads and conversions, and better reputation. This chapter covers the many benefits of datejacking and why you need to utilise its potential in your marketing strategy.

How to Datejack

Datejacking involves just 3 simple steps –  identify a date and theme for your content that aligns with your brand, produce that piece of content that will engage with your audience, and finally, promote the hell out of it. This chapter dives into how you can use datejacking to superpower your content marketing efforts and ride the wave of popularity and enthusiasm around key dates and topics.


Ultimately, datejacking allows you to plan an effective campaign in advance to enhance your content’s impact. Tap into the readily available audience from popular events and piggyback onto their popularity to optimise your brand performance. Datejacking is an easy way to increase your odds of content marketing success. In the final chapter we discuss how to start using your calendar of dates to make datejacking a success for your business.