Cluego Case Study

Virtual Strategy Restructure for SEO & PPC

The Backstory

ClueGo offers fun and engaging team building activities for corporate groups from 10 to 1000 people!

As with many event companies, the Pandemic had a ruinous impact on traditional, in-person events and practically stopped the business in its tracks after consistent, year-on-year growth.

Fortunately, ClueGo managed to pivot and create a range of covid safe in-person events for up to 30 people along with a virtual team building product that could support up to 1000 remote participants.

The problem was that customers were confused regarding what team building options were possible and whether virtual team building activities were suitable for their teams.

The Problem

Confusion – customers are confused and don’t understand what virtual team building is all about and when a virtual or Covid-19 safe team building event would be suitable.

Awareness – customers don’t yet fully understand what is possible in the world of virtual team building and what is best for them.

Engagement – how do we get customers to engage with the various options and to understand what is best for their team?

Conversion – how do we convince customers that a virtual team building event can be just as engaging and easy to run and to get in touch to find out more?

Concerns – customers are worried about the technical implications of running virtual events – how do we show them this is a simple, friendly solution.

The Plan

Emergency Shift in Strategy – SEO & PPC

The business had to change from the top down to focus on activities that could be run safely during the pandemic. This happened fairly quickly with the ClueGo events as they already run on tablets and phones so it was a case of making the app available for each participant.
Unfortunately, the messaging on the website had not kept up and a mishmash of traditional, live and virtual events had made for a confusing proposition.
To resolve this we had to change the entire proposition, focus on the virtual events and craft new calls to action to help engage with a cautious and confused audience.

This revised proposition and CTAs were then rolled out across the entire site with key messages all shifting towards what can be done now and CTAs focusing on demonstrations. 

    • Keyword research to understand pandemic team building requirements

    • Complete rewrite of all brand and product messaging

    • Retooled all paid media to reflect the changing demand and needs of the prospective customers.
    • Reworked the website to be far more focused on driving conversions for a consultation or demo of the virtual team building product.

    • Improved analytics including A/B testing, clickmaps, scrollmaps and conversion tracking so we can clearly understand what users are engaging with and what works.

    • Rebuilt the Google Ads account to focus on the new products.

    • Pivoted the SEO Campaign to focus on new products.  

The Results

In an industry ravaged by Covid-19 ClueGo is now standing tall and helping teams stay engaged and motivated with a range of virtual team building activities.

After only 3 short months enquiries have seen an almost 1000% increase and the demonstration CTA has been a huge success. This helps customers understand the product and assuage any fears that the events would be difficult to run.

Organic visibility around “virtual teambuilding” keywords increased dramatically and huge increases in conversion rates for the new products – at times of up to 10x that before the messaging was updated. 

1 %
Increase in Leads + Demo Enquiries
1 %
Increase in Organic Sessions
1 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
1 %
Increase in Organic Pageviews

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