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Adwords PPC Data not Showing in Google Analytics

Having problems with your PPC data not showing in Google Analytics? If you know you are getting clicks but your AdWords data is not showing in analytics and the ‘paid search traffic’ segment is showing a great big zero, the most likely cause of this is that your clicks from AdWords are not ‘tagged’ so Google Analytics can’t tell where they came from.


A Four Click Fix


Fortunately, this is a real easy one to put right and get your Adwords clicks showing up in analytics so you can segment, track and make sure you are not flushing your clicks down the PPC toilet.


1. Sign into Google Adwords and click on ‘My Account’ from the main nav

account settings in google adwords


2. From the ‘My Account’ drop down menu click on ‘Preferences’

preferences in google adwords


3. On the preferences page go to the ‘Tracking’ section at the bottom (highlighted in yellow in the picture below) and click on ‘Edit’.

enable tracking and auto tagging in analytics



4. Add a tick to the ‘Destination URL Auto Tagging’ box and then click the ‘Save Changes’ Button.

enabling auto tagging in google adwords



Happy Advanced Segmenting!

Now your Google AdWords campaign clicks will show up in Google Analytics and you can marry them to conversion tracking and make those clicks count!


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  • Eric Stauffer
    Posted at 17:45h, 23 May Reply

    Thanks Marcus! Wish I found this 3 hours ago. I am learning more and more that the google support forums are about as useless as they come. I spent hours looking over them and no one knew why the clicks were not being tracked, or gave very vague answers.

    Do you know if this is the default setting? I have done this with other accounts and never remember having to turn on Auto-tagging.

    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 20:11h, 23 May Reply

      Hey Eric, yeah, it’s kind of annoying. This should be on by default, and usually is, hence, why most people don’t know what to do when it is not turned on.

      That said, I have noticed in two new campaigns with completely new gmail accounts that the tagging was not enabled by default.

      Glad it helped as this is just another one of those random things that can kill an afternoons productivity!

  • Jonathan
    Posted at 11:19h, 28 May Reply

    Hi Marcus,

    Just a quick thanks for me for this great post as this was proving to be VERY frustrating. Like so much else with Google it’s hidden in plain sight….

    Now properly set up for all the client accounts that weren’t tracking it so no more guessing!



    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 14:37h, 11 June Reply

      Ha, hidden in plain site, love it, that is marketing via Google products in a nutshell my friend!

  • Christian
    Posted at 15:31h, 19 June Reply

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for this. I have a slightly different (but relevant!) problem: my clicks are showing but average time on site, average page views per visit, etc. are all showing as zeros. Now, this can’t be right… as I was the one testing out paid search clicks and definitely spent more than 0 seconds on site and viewing more than 0 pages!

    Any idea why this might be happening?

  • Marcus Miller
    Posted at 09:28h, 28 June Reply

    Hey Christian

    It can take a bit of time for these stats to show up, is this some testing you did straight after the event? Also, have you tested this with live traffic to see if it applies to real clicks rather than the ones you are forcing through to test?

    Also (sorry, too many questions), is the tracking working okay for all other traffic?

  • Morris
    Posted at 12:26h, 28 June Reply

    Hi Marcus, thank you so much of the fix!

    ‘Glad it helped as this is just another one of those random things that can kill an afternoons productivity!’ you are too right there!

  • Lyz Fox
    Posted at 11:34h, 29 June Reply

    Just wanted to saya big thank you from me as well as had just about given up on ever getting this to work properly.

    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 08:57h, 02 July Reply

      Hey Lyz, I know, it’s crazy, and Google’s help forums seem intent on confusing matters for what really is a daft, simple issue! 🙂

  • barry
    Posted at 14:25h, 18 July Reply

    Brilliant advice, you’ve saved me from a nightmare! Massive thanks!


    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 14:27h, 18 July Reply

      Hey Barry, that is a pleasure, glad it helped! 🙂

  • Jef
    Posted at 10:24h, 30 July Reply

    Thanks Marcus! You’ve got it straight to the point! I really need this to be able to track my adwords click and to inegrate it with my analytics account. I just home my campaigns would be successful! More power to you!

  • Aakar
    Posted at 10:48h, 15 August Reply

    Thanks Marcus. I hope, now I could get those data.

  • Paul
    Posted at 14:05h, 24 August Reply

    Marcus thanks for the advice, sadly we have had 3 months of using adwordfs and not thought to even look in analytics, is there any way of pulling the past adwords data over ? or is it stuck in adwords never to be seen in analytics…cheers

    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 14:18h, 24 August Reply

      Hey, nope, that’s pretty much lost. You could do some log file analysis to get some more info but Analytics is pretty powerful in and of itself. What are you looking to find out? (signing off for the long weekend but will get back to you).

  • Anders Hansen
    Posted at 09:23h, 02 October Reply

    Hi Marcus

    Thanks for the guide, was exactly what i was looking for 🙂

  • Simon Stafferton
    Posted at 12:48h, 15 November Reply

    Another thanks for me Marcus – glad I found your post! I have tracked Adwords with no problems before in a dozen or so accounts, some pretty well established, some brand new, and never had to do this before!


    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 13:02h, 15 November Reply

      Hey Simon. I know, weird eh. I think there is some evil dwarf at Google Adwords HQ who just throws some weird configuration out every now and again to mess with us!

  • sonia
    Posted at 20:59h, 16 November Reply

    Hi Marcus,

    i tried everything but still cant see the data. (not set) is being displayed…….:( need your help badly

    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 15:08h, 19 November Reply

      Hey Sonia, fire me an email via the contact form and will see if I can help! 🙂

  • Penny
    Posted at 11:03h, 09 January Reply

    Absolutely brilliant advice, would never have worked that out for myself. Thank you.

  • Andy
    Posted at 13:51h, 01 February Reply

    We do auto-tagging, and adwords connect to GA acount. But show wrong data on GA. We got test way from google “?gclid=test”

    Then we use on first page http://www.xxx.com/?gclid=test it is ok, not turn out.

    When we use landing page: http://www.xxx.com/landingpage/?gclid=test , load the landing page with “?gclid=test”
    Then the landing page turn to http://www.xxx.com/landingpage (no show ?gclid=test. )

    Do you know why ?

    Thanks with Best Regards,

    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 12:15h, 03 February Reply

      Hey Andy, do you want to email me a link? I’ll take a quick look and feed back. Cheers. Marcus

  • Sofiane Delloue
    Posted at 18:50h, 12 February Reply

    This one was quite helpful, many thanks Marcus. Google products are becoming more and more sophisticated and in my opinion sometimes features are duplicated which creates more confusion…

    Anyway, I just refreshed and I start to see the click count for Adwords on GA!

  • Avi Gable
    Posted at 10:03h, 19 February Reply


    Thanks for the post. One quick question, I have followed all the steps above to link my adwords / analytics account. I still get “not set” in the paid section under keywords. Any ideas?


    • Marcus Miller
      Posted at 10:27h, 20 February Reply

      Hey Avi, hard to say without looking, fire me an email and ill dive in and take a quick look for you.

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