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Local SEO & The Attack of the Mega Pack

By this point most search engine users – be they SEO’s or just general folks are aware of the local results that get inserted where the search query is deemed to have a local intent. The more astute may have also noticed the influence of location on many other sets of results and in 2015 and beyond location is just one of many factors used in an ever more dynamic set of search engine results.

The following search for ‘plumber’ is a good example:

Search results in Google for a search for 'plumber'

How Important is Video for SEO?

Of all the SEO questions we get asked one that is becoming increasingly common is just how important a role video plays in SEO. Is video an essential component of your online marketing? How can you use video in your campaigns? Will your rankings tank if you don’t start using video? [Insert your other semi ridiculous video SEO questions here.]

This post will take a look at these questions and provide some general guidelines for when video is and isn’t a good idea.

SEO Before or After You Design a Website?

This is a chicken and egg kind of question – should you consider SEO before or after your build a new site or redesign an old one? The rest of this post takes a quick look at the arguments for both and provides some general guidance if you are about to embark upon a website design (or redesign) project. 

A woolly good day!
















Last Friday was officially ‘Christmas Jumper day’ and here at Bowler Hat we all donned our silliest Christmas woolly’s in the name of fun to raise a bit of money for Save The Children.

Local SEO for New Businesses in 5 Hours

So, you have branched out on your own and started a new business, maybe even had a website built, only problem is, you now need to start marketing the business and getting customers. You don’t have to search for long to come across the sometimes murky subject of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process of optimising your website and online presence to get your business, brand, website etc in front of potential customers. Unfortunately, the Internet is a big old place and there is a hell of a lot of information out there and not all of it is good so where do you start?

Well, fear not true believers, we know you are busy so we have compiled five simple tips that will help new, local businesses generate more visibility in the major search engines. Each of these tips should only take you an hour so by just committing an hour per day for a working week you can make a big difference.

And remember – the 90/10 rule often applies in marketing and search engine optimisation is no different – by doing 10% of the work you can often reap 90% of the benefits. So, without any more ado, lets get started and take your website up, up and away.

WordPress All in One SEO Plugin Vulnerabililty

Shady hacker trying to break into a websiteHey folks, there is a recently announced vulnerability affecting the popular All in One SEO Plugin. The vulnerability allows a site user of any level to escalate privileges to admin level and from there on in they pretty much have an open book.  

Hey, I’m over here, hack me!

Frustratingly the All in One SEO plugin issues a generator tag that announces the version number. So, before long, some enterprising asshole hacker will likely frig together a scanner to identify target sites and we will see infection rates rocket.

This is probably not the site you are looking for

These aren't the droids, sites or pages you were looking for!We do a lot of SEO Audits here at Bowler Hat and one problem we see creeping up again and again are incorrectly indexed HTTPS pages.

This can present in a couple of ways but will most often mean that users clicking through from your site will see a yellow warning page before they reach your site which has one of two messages on that (scary looking) intermediate page.

Fortunately, there is a simple fix for those brave enough to dive into their .htaccess file and use some Mod Rewrite Wizardry! 

Tweet’book Banner & Profile Image Sizes

twitterYet again we have another social media update on our hands. This time it is Twitter, and they are slowly rolling out the new profile layout which looks oddly familiar, don’t you think? I think we can all agree is it is very similar to Facebook, but I actually like this new layout. As you can see, it is all about the images, with both the profile image & the banner increasing in size, but this does bring one problem! Does anyone know the correct size for the banner or the profile image? Anyone? No? I guess I’ll have to tell you.

Does Google Understand Your Business?

Bowler Hat Knowledge BoxDoes Google get your business? Can Google understand your address? Your phone number? It’s a simple yet important question and if Google does not ‘get’ your business and understand your location and phone number how likely are they to return you in local search results? As a local business, visibility and reputation in the local search results is an important element of your marketing and if Google does not get your address, phone number or service area then you will likely never show in local search results and never pick up your share of those eager, local customers.

In 2012, Google introduced a new feature to its search results, called the Knowledge Graph, but many people refer to it as the Knowledge Box. Its main purpose is to show any useful details when you search for a company, including address, phone number, map, reviews & opening hours. To get a Knowledge Box, you must create a Google Places page for your business.  But it will only appear if Google trusts that you are at that physical location.

Online Reputation and Reviews for Hotels

google-five-starsWhen it comes to marketing hotels or any other kind of business in search the first thing that most folks consider is visibility – and rightly so. Without visibility there is no online awareness of your business with the people searching for what you provide. But, visibility, as important as it may be is still only part of the picture and it is reputation and what people are saying about that drives conversions and will turn browsers into buyers.

The rest of this post takes a look at online reputation primarily through the reviews and comments on your Google+ listing and the many third party review portals.  

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