Chapter 2: Enter Datejacking


Newsjacking You Can Plan For

Chapter 2: Enter Datejacking


Newsjacking You Can Plan For



– a way to unleash the power of newsjacking but in a far more predictable manner by aligning content with popular or celebrated events and dates. There are hundreds of dates each year that can be used to help make your content more sticky.


e.g. Our meat replacement is perfect for a meat-free feast. #worldveganday


Datejacking allows you to plan in advance, predict trends, and look ahead to everything from important industry events to popular culture dates. This is in stark contrast to the responsive nature of newsjacking which requires agility to latch onto the often unpredictable news in real time.

Datejacking Guide

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With newsjacking, the need for agility and quick response also leaves more room for error, particularly if you do not have the resources to watch the news all day, know what stories will work best, and create great content quickly. The rush to create content can lead to forcing your brand to fit with the news just to gain some coverage and posting irrelevant, unconsidered or even insensitive content that can risk tarnishing your reputation and integrity.

Datejacking, on the other hand, gives you the time to produce a well-thought-out and considered strategy for your content, and carefully assess how your brand will fit with the theme to produce the best results.


Preparedness is often the key to success, and with datejacking you have weeks, months, or even years to plan your content marketing campaigns, which means better, bigger content with greater distribution prospects, and improved results. Datejacking has all the benefits of newsjacking, and so much more.

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