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Why Bowler Hat?

James Jones
James Jones
09:58 24 Nov 17
We employed Bowler Hat to help with our online marketing after a coincidental encounter with Marcus. Marcus, Ryan and the whole team are great to deal with. Starting a new company is a daunting task and they helped get us on track and gave advice on different ways to tackle the online world. We began with Google Ads and an SEO blast and were a bit stressed at first with knowing exactly how effective it all would be. However, 6 months down the track and we are super busy and have altered the marketing (with Ryan's advice) in such as way that we are hardly spending much at all. It's nice to know that they care about your back pocket and Ryan has offered lots of free advice on what we as a company could be doing to help improve our SEO.
Miguel Bengoa
Miguel Bengoa
17:28 23 Nov 17
I am not prone to false praise. But the people at Bowler Hat are remarkable. Literally, they have restored my faith in trust. Starting a small business is like crossing the Atlantic in a small boat. The waves are tall and the winds are high... and Internet Marketing is like the mysterious art of navigation by the stars... You need to know what you are doing. If you don't, you will drown in the details. Starting up with limited capital was for me both exciting and frightening. What did I very quickly notice? People wanted a piece of that capital and often in return for very little or less. My inbox was inundated with offers of this that and the other. Indeed I am still trying to extricate myself from marketing decisions that I now regret. Not so with Bowler. They listen. And they continue to listen. They are concerned with saving me money by not spending it needlessly on Ad Campaigns that are not working. They are on the case, leaving me free to spend my time on my customers. Just exactly like it should be. If you are a big company or a small company, you can trust Bowler Hat to do what they say. It's about that rare commodity: trust.
Eric Hu
Eric Hu
11:34 17 May 17
First of all, Ryan and his company is excellent, great people and eager to help. I was attacked by one unhappy client, she had three different defamatory review put on my google side, as she said to destroy my business. Ryan helped me a lot by giving me good advices as well as went over my response (because I was upset, make sure my response is appropriate). He did all those for me for nothing. What a nice people. They really make the difference. Highly recommended!
Diane Andrews
Diane Andrews
13:33 27 Apr 17
Found one of Ryan's blogs on google having fallen victim to a fake review. Contacted Ryan & received a response pretty much straightaway. What a good guy. Good honest advice. Will definitely be keeping this company's number should I require SEO assistance in the future. Well done Ryan & Bowler Hat. All best wishes for the future you deserve it.
Jason McDonald
Jason McDonald
20:30 21 Mar 17
Contacted Ryan after reading one of his blogs for some advise and unlike other SEO companies he gave me the advise for free. Top lad highly recommended.
Jason Mewis
Jason Mewis
21:50 17 Mar 17
I've recently had a new website built by bowlerhat and I'm over the moon with the results, they were very professional throughout the whole process and have carried it through with the aftercare, really pleased
gwen ineson
gwen ineson
07:07 09 Dec 16
Bowler Hat have done a fabulous job on our website - it has a contemporary style, is uncluttered and generally makes sense!
Heather Mendick
Heather Mendick
23:51 08 Dec 16
I have worked with Marcus Miller on four websites now. He and his team have always done a great job, developing sites that are attractive and accessible for users and that are optimised for search engines and that work across multiple platforms. This is all done at very reasonable rates because they is good at adapting Wordpress to meet a variety of needs. Marcus is also very patient at explaining different aspects of Wordpress to novices.
Marie Hitchman
Marie Hitchman
18:12 30 Jun 16
Bowler Hat offer a range of digital marketing services, all of which are unrivalled in my opinion. There are plenty of agencies and consultants out there claiming to be experts when it comes to harnessing all things digital, but spend an hour with these guys are you'll realise that their knowledge and implementation is above and beyond what you will have seen elsewhere. Not only do I trust them with my own digital marketing, but I recommend them to my own clients too.
Kelly Marie Davies
Kelly Marie Davies
10:02 21 Jun 16
After being tasked with a SEO fix to a branding issue I approached Marcus for some advice. He took the time to look over my dilemma, offering his expertise and guidance on how best to proceed. An exemplary service which I would recommend to all - Thank you !!
Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon
09:14 20 Apr 16
Marcus and Bowler Hat dispense wisdom like machine gun fire and we have found them to be very wise and very professional. They have supported our organisation for a number of years, but most recently when we were experiencing traffic problems with our new website. Calm heads and wise counsel have gone a long way to solving our problems. Thank you guys! Highly recommended and great value for money.
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It’s a good question. Often the first we get asked. And I wish there was a really fascinating story behind the name. Maybe it’s all the talk of hats in the SEO world? Maybe it is the multi-discipline nature of digital marketing and the many hats this one Bowler Hat symbolises? Certainly, it is a strong and memorable symbol. One that is essentially British.


A symbol forever tied to business and being a gentleman – values we believe in. Maybe the power is that it always gets folks to ask the ‘why Bowler Hat’ question. Conversations and relationships are at the heart of digital marketing, so it works.


What We Do

– Digital Marketing Simplified

Our mission is clear – we simplify the fast-moving world of digital marketing.


We combine strategic thinking with expert knowledge of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing. We help you set bold yet achievable goals and then plan, manage, and optimise your digital marketing campaigns.


Through data-driven research and meticulous planning, we unlock the strategies and tactics that will drive success and growth for your business. We become a trusted partner and your very own digital marketing department with over 50 years of combined marketing experience.

Custard Factory

Highly Credible

– We Know Our Stuff

Our team are well known and respected in the SEO and digital marketing world. From our frequent contributions to industry press, through to our qualifications in the key digital marketing certification programs, we stay ahead of the curve and are focused on learning. This academic knowledge, along with our daily experience in the digital marketing trenches, ensures our consultants can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.


Of course, our best possible credentials are the work we do and the kind words of the companies we work with.

How We Work

– Our Process

Our first job is to get an understanding of your marketplace and business objectives and form a clear marketing strategy. We then identify the digital marketing tactics that are best suited to your goals and formulate an action plan with a set of measurements to track to understand what success looks like.


We utilize agile project management and tackle work in short cycles, constantly looking for improvements – this key strategy enables almost continuous improvement and the ability to pivot if a tactic is not delivering.

Meet The Team

Marcus Miller


Marcus is our Digital Strategist. He’s been working in the industry for nearly 20 years and wears many (bowler) hats as a highly technical developer and SEO, and even has a fancy computer science degree to prove it. He encourages continuous, ceaseless improvement and his predictions of trends are always spookily correct. When he’s not strutting around in his bowler hat, he is partial to a spot of classic video gaming, but will resort to board games in a power cut.

Ryan Scollon

PPC & SEO Consultant

Ryan is our SEO & PPC Consultant. He’s a team leader and wants to lead the team to greatness, but will more likely have to settle for slightly-above-average-ness. He’s a Google Partner, which means he understands Google more than he even knows himself. Playing video games and cruising around in fast cars are his favourite pastimes. If he’s feeling adventurous he has the hood down to feel the wind through his hair because it makes him feel alive.

Zoe Miller

Social Media Specialist

Zoe is our Social Media Specialist. She’s pretty addicted to Instagram, so far so that we had to have an instavention and she now attends instagrammers anonymous. She’s agreed to channel all of her obsession into client’s social campaigns instead. She loves animals, especially dogs, because they don’t let you down like people do. She laughs at her own jokes and is actually a bit socially awkward – but don’t let that deter from her role as social marketer.

Robyn Strafford

UX & Web Designer

Robyn is our UX & Web Designer and makes sites pretty. She studied illustration & visual communication at uni and worked with a few other agencies before deciding we were the most awesome (we begged and she was desperate). Fun fact: Robyn once fearlessly (stupidly) ate the spiciest burger in Brum. It was so spicy she couldn’t stop crying, but luckily she survived to tell the tale. It’s her greatest achievement to date and we’re all incredibly proud. 

Andrew Hall

Web Developer

Andrew is our Web Developer. He has more web skills than Spiderman (really) and optimises websites to be speedy and search-engine friendly. He even dabbles in SEO when he’s feeling funky. He loves cats and has 23 overall, even though he’s allergic. He listens to obscure music and watches 80s films to take him back to the good old days. He is a superfan of videogames, and has played every single one in order to fill the deep empty void within his soul.

Bethany Griffiths

Content Marketing Specialist

Beth is our Content Marketing Specialist. She wants to find the best way of communicating your brand with words because sometimes interpretive dance just isn’t enough. She studied English literature at uni, in which she had to read 62x her body weight in books. She likes to be creative with words and tries very hard to be funny. She likes film and music and tickles the ivories from time to time. If she’s lucky, sometimes they even tickle her back.

Amrita Aujla

SEO Executive

Amrita is our SEO Consultant. She can turn any situation into something to laugh about but is proper serious when it comes to your SEO. She loves to do anything adventurous, which is why she ventured into the action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled world of search. She describes herself as pretty optimistic for a pessimist, but others would describe her as pretty pessimistic for an optimist, it depends whether you’re a glass half full or glass half empty kinda person.

Ben Griffin

PPC Consultant

James Tighe

Web Designer

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