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A Fresh Look at Keyword Research – SEO Basics #2

pile of keywordsIn part 1 of our SEO Basics series we had a quick look at how your customers search and the mindset you have to get into before attempting any keyword research. In Part 2 below we will look at how to build an actual list of keywords to target in your web marketing.

Most sites make a hash of their keyword research. I understand, it is not glamorous or exciting, but well done, it can make your other SEO efforts easier and more rewarding but that provides you with an opportunity to do better and get some easy wins so read on and learn how to do the basics, only better.


Page Titles and Descriptions – Back to SEO Basics

This is the first of several articles looking at some SEO basics. Basics that unfortunately, I see sites getting wrong time after time whilst continuing to plough money into other less rewarding SEO avenues. The intention of these articles is to revisit the building blocks of your SEO and take advantage of all the easy wins before you hunker down for the bigger battles of your campaign.

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Understanding Keywords for SEO – SEO Basics #1

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Assuming that you already have a business, and some products or services to sell, then understanding the way your prospective customers search is the first and one of the most important jobs you will undertake in your search engine optimisation – in many cases, this is done so very poorly that it can undermine subsequent, higher cost SEO efforts such as link building and content development.

The remainder of this article is going to cover some of the concepts you need to understand to do effective keyword research and then a following article will look at the actual process of doing some simple yet solid keyword research.